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Edinburgh: If I Had Just One Day...

10:00 am

If I had just one day in Edinburgh, I'd spend it walking the Royal Mile. I would start at the Castle, spend a few hours seeing the crowning jewels and the Destiny Stone, then make my way down to the Whisky Experience. I would walk in and out of every alley way; in Scotland, they call those narrow passages "closes". I would visit all the tiny museums along the way and learn about the history of Edinburgh. I would pick up a souvenir or two at the colorful shops that line the street. I would finish the day at Holyrood Palace - the official residence of the Queen during her stay in Scotland.

Most  guidebooks divide Edinburgh in two: Old Town and New Town. Separated by  Edinburgh's main shopping road - Princess Street, the opposing sides of the street give off different impressions of the city. While New Town has much more contemporary buildings, I much prefer the rustic feel of the Old Town. Walking down the Royal Mile in Old Town is like journeying back in time. I love the medieval feel of the architecture and the haunted stories weaved into the city's history.

If I had just one day in Edinburgh, I'd spend it walking.

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  1. very nice photographs :)

  2. Your pictures are great, reminded me of how much I love Edinburgh!

  3. It seems like you had a great walk in Edinburgh (in between the showers ;-) ) - lovely series of pictures.

  4. I see you were treated to some typical "driech" weather! It doesn't diminish the beauty of the city at all - and I agree with you, the Old Town is far more interesting... Steeped in history.. Brilliant! I also agree with you that walking Edinburgh is the only way to really get a feel for the city. Luckily Edinburgh isn't so big and everything of major interest is within walking distance. Hope you had a "wee dram".. ;)

  5. For a portrait photographer, you do quite well in the architectural landscape. These are technically superb, and happy shots, like picture postcards. Love them! I've seen enough gritty urban shots to last me a lifetime.

  6. Lovely pictures!

    I used to live in Edinburgh, would love to move back, like now! Your photos are not making it easier...