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24 Hours in Liverpool

8:00 am

What do you think about when you think of Liverpool? Soccer? Beatles? Maybe even the Titantic? Yes, Liverpool is definitely famous for all those things. But when you peal all those layers away, underneath is a city of noteworthy architecture, relaxing waterfront, excellent museums, and delicious Chinese food.

This city is my last stop on the Europe trip and although I only had 24 hours there, I busied myself with sightseeing, shopping, eating, and finished the day cruising at sunset. It was the perfect way to end my journey.

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  1. Livelpool looks very interesting - who knew?

  2. Great set of images. Love the vivid blues you captured in the sky and water in a lot of these shots!

  3. Liverpool?! I think of The Beatles!!!
    But your excellent series of photos here tells me, that this city has much more to offer. My favorites are the last 3 - with the fine reflections in the water and the light reflecting in the window!