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London's Goodbye

8:00 am

I’m not much of a writer. I always have a hard time writing about the places I visit. Although I’ve tried to describe every city with equal passion and uniqueness, I never feel like I do any of the wonderful places I’ve been to justice.

When I’m traveling, I rarely have time to go on the Internet, but I’ve learned to always set aside time to blog about my travels. I found that writing about a place while I was still there made it easier to capture the essence of the city and synthesize my emotions towards it. So it is quite fitting that I write this entry,  the last post in my 2010/2011 European travel diaries, where it all began – on a plane, over the ocean, in the air.

Traveling in the last 8 months has opened my eyes and senses to culture, history, and news. Not to mention it’s also made me a better blogger and photographer. When I found myself among portrait and especially fashion photographers, I started to spend more time with editing and lighting, and less time really thinking about the camera. In these last 8 months, I have had no other photography equipment and sometimes no other companion besides my camera. It’s been wonderful to become reacquainted with the old friend again.

When I said goodbye to Paris last December, I realized that living in Paris and traveling in Western Europe had posed a lot of questions about my personal and professional goals, questions whose answers eluded me at the time. If Paris asked questions, then I suppose you can say, London answered. I finally have some clarity with work, school, photography and otherwise. Now it's up to me to act on those answers, but one thing is for certain, greatness awaits!

As for my immediate future, I'm going back to Canada. Through the blog, I hope you enjoyed seeing Europe with me. So I’ll sign off now with a few highlights of the last 8 months in Europe and the best piece of travel advice I've ever received: see the world as a traveler, not a tourist.

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  1. I've enjoyed viewing your travel photos; thanks for sharing. The write-ups are good too :-)

  2. I have enjoyed your last posts too (it's not very long time since I visited your blog for the first time!). I wonder what will appear here now and in the future?!

  3. Travel to Europe is great fun, I have enjoyed reviewing all your photos...

  4. Double-thumbs up!

  5. The shot of Barcelona is my favourite - beautiful colours x

  6. hi -

    these are great and I love them thanks
    - Tw