Changsha: Photos of Chinese Suburban Life

6:30 pm

A week after my last photo essay on the Chinese traditions of a cemetery visit, taken in 2010 in Changsha China, I received an e-mail from my mother who asked if I would like to visit China in May. She hadn't seen the blog post - I'm not even sure if she reads this blog at all; my father was already planning to visit the country as part of his 30 year reunion trip and offered for me to tag along. I hesitated for a few days, weighing my other responsibilities and wondering if I could take the time to go. But the timing feels right, so does my decision to join my father on his trip.

I'll be heading to China for the month of May, and it all feels serendipitous.

Here are some photos from my last trip to Changsha, China, taken in May 2010:

My father (navy blue) walking through residential apartments in Changsha, China
Residential communities are often gated. This is the gate-keeper's station, he/she often lives in the back portion of the station.
Outside of someone's kitchen
A street vendor

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  1. It wasn't supposed to be a :o) but a :)

  2. Thanks for taking me on a trip to China :o)

  3. I love how gritty it looks. So much character here.

  4. Neat shots Tracy, and nicely processed!