Where have I been? China!

7:25 am

The last few blog posts on Just-In-Time have all been about China. This is because I had the opportunity to travel there for a whole month in May.

Let me backtrack and describe my trip a little bit. The first 2.5 weeks there were filled with travelling through China's Yunnan province, and the Avatar Mountains known as the ZhangJiaJie Park. At the end of the month, I finished the trip with a 10-day rest at my grandmother's place in Beijing. The trip took me to cities foreign to me, such as Lijiang and Dali, and brought me back to familiar places like the home where I grew up in Beijing. It was an inspiring trip photographically and a cathartic one emotionally.

I have a lot of photographs and stories from China that I’ll be sharing on here in the future, here’s a few teasers for now. I’m leaving for another great international trip in a few days, so check back here next week for more updates.

Happy traveling!

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