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A Weekend in Oslo

9:00 am

In June 2012, I set out on to explore Scandinavia: 5 countries, 8 cities, and a countless numbers of boat rides and road trips. I ate strange foods, hiked mountains and glaciers, and met up with friends old and new. 

The first stop on my great Scandinavia trip is the Norwegian capital, Oslo. The city is, in one word, sleek. With its nice blend of modern and medieval architecture, Oslo felt very young and hip. I immediately eased into the laidback atmosphere of coffee breaks, welcoming smiles, and slow paces.

Despite this being my first time in Oslo, I knew my way around the city immediately. The entire capital felt unusually familiar to me. After a year away from Europe, it was as if the continent was saying “Welcome Back”.

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  1. Great shots! Wish I could see higher resolution here.

  2. Great pics - and amazing colors!

  3. Thanks! The white Opera house was actually my favorite place - and color!

  4. I wish they were displayed bigger to begin with, I hope to work on the CSS to fix it soon =)

  5. beautiful photos! I went to the same places when I visited Oslo years ago..I loved that park :]

  6. I feel homesick now...
    Have a nice weekend!

    Greetings from North Norfolk


    Greetings from Norfolk,

  7. The statue park? Yeah that was great!

  8. Hi Tracy, I have been changing my blo theme recently and found evident inspiration in yours, how do you manage to keep the right sidebarbin the showcase page, but removing it on the posts to create more space?

    Btw your shots are fantastic, congrats for the blog, keep it up! Txs.

  9. I paid to customized the CSS. Thanks for coming by the blog!