How to celebrate a birthday on the Baltic Sea

7:13 am

In June 2012, I left for a grand journey to explore Scandinavia: 5 countries, 8 cities, and a countless numbers of boat rides and road trips. I ate strange foods, hiked mountains and glaciers, and met up with friends old and new. This post is from part of that trip. 

Beach on the Baltic Sea. Fields of strawberries and green onions. An 100C degree wet Russian sauna. Homemade borscht. Smoked fish. Books on rainy days. Card games with grandmother. Fireplace oven. Lazy afternoons. Biking on the beach. Sunbathing under the pine tree. Starting a fire. Roasting marshmallows.

For as long as I could remember, I never fussed about birthdays. But when I found myself turning a year older in Scandinavia, I wanted to treat myself to something. So there I was, spending my 22nd birthday at a beachside cottage on the Baltic Sea. And it was perfect.

Happy birthday to me, and happy travels to you!

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