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Street Style in Stockholm

7:54 am

In June 2012, I left for a grand journey to explore Scandinavia: 5 countries, 8 cities, and a countless numbers of boat rides and road trips. I ate strange foods, hiked mountains and glaciers, and met up with friends old and new. This post is from part of that trip. 

After two weeks through Norway and Denmark, Scandinavia was beginning to look the same. While Stockholm resembled Oslo and Copenhagen in certain aspects of its architecture, the city was refreshing in its street scene. Known as the fashion capital of northern Europe, Stockholm’s stylish men and women provided me a much-needed break from the ubiquitous skinny jeans scene I encountered throughout the rest of the trip.

Street Style Stockholm Sweden
Street Style Stockholm SwedenStreet Style Stockholm SwedenStreet Style Stockholm SwedenStreet Style Stockholm SwedenStreet Style Stockholm SwedenStreet Style Stockholm Sweden

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  1. You've catched my city in a very cool way! I appreciated the photos. Glad you enjoyed Sweden.

  2. Thanks, Stockholm is a fabulous city!

  3. You see.. my dream is to visit Sweden- Stockholm one day! And thanks to your post, I'm better informed:)
    Thanks a lot for the pictures and yes, Stockholm may not be at the same level as Paris, it is still charming in many unique ways (of what I've heard)
    What did you think of the Swedish people attitude wise?
    Thanks for sharing:) i really appreciate it!

  4. Stockholm is a great place, I met a few Swedish friends and enjoyed their company. The Swedes are different from Canadians in some cultural aspects though. Cheers!

  5. For a tourist...isn't it difficult to make friends in a country you're visiting...?
    Was it a school trip or something?
    haha..How are the Swedes different from the Canadians?
    Thanks for replying by the way! I really appreciate it:)

  6. I went with a friend and we just backpacked across Scandinavia for a bit over a month. I stayed with old friends that I knew from before and met some more friends through them.

  7. ohh, I see :) Thanks for your reply!!