What the Pho? Photographing Vietnamese Soup

7:00 am

Originated in northern Vietnam, Pho is a soup dish that contains broth, rice noodle, herbs, and meat. It is a popular street food in Vietnam and have become a popular dish in over the world. One of my favourite meals to eat whenever I'm in Chinatown in Toronto is Pho. For $6, I can get a big bowl of warm and delicious beef noodle soup at Pho88 on Spadina

I've been dying to go to Vietnam - and in general Southeast Asia - for the last 12 months. I can't wait to experience street food in Thailand, and enjoy a cold drink on the beach in the Philippines. One of the perks of being a travel photographer is the work brings you to experience all sorts of cuisine. One of my most treasured food experiences is eating sheep head in Norway while on a roadtrip across Scandinavia. I hope to document more of those experiences soon! 

Pho Vietnamese
shrimp wrap
Pho beef noodle soupshrimp wrap
Pho soup
Pho beef noodle soup
Pho beef noodle soup

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  1. I love pho! This is one of my favorite foods ever and could probably eat it all the time (I kind of do already). This is making me want a bowl of pho. I've been wanting to go to SE Asia to do a lot of eating too :D

  2. tell me about it, I'm waiting to set foot on southeast Asia for the same reason, and I'm going to go on an empty stomach.