A Winterlicious Toronto

7:01 am

While I am so pathetically unaccustomed to the freezing Ontario winter, I’m always surprised and impressed by the tenacity of Torontonians in the heart of Canadian winter. The snowfall, ice, and slush do not seem to deter my fellow Canadians from enjoying a weekend out downtown. There is nothing more comforting than spending my afternoons inside my favorite Toronto shops while watching the snowfall on a winter day.

These days I spend most of my weekends in Toronto exploring the West End on Queen and Dundas, wandering in and out of the boutiques, antique shops, and cafes in the area. But just when I think I know all the shops in the neighborhood, I spot something new on blogTO and end up exploring some more.

toronto street car

This weekend I stumbled upon The One That Got Away, a seafood diner that's home to delicious fish and chips. I love that they serve the food on newspaper, how wonderfully old school! I stopped in for some clam chowder and people watched from the window.  

The One That Got Away
581 King Street West
Toronto ON
M5V 1M1

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I'm looking forward to spending more time discovering Toronto, especially as the weather starts to warm up. I hope to profile more local businesses and get to know Toronto a bit more through the shops here and their owners. If you are considering a trip to the city, Air Canada has several flights to Toronto that you can check out. 

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