Whistler, A Photoshop Curve

7:00 am

One of the best tools in my Adobe Photoshop CS tool belt is the ability to use Photoshop Curves to adjust the color and contrast of my images. I am able to save my frequently used Photoshop Curves so I can easily apply them to any image. Recently when I went to photograph ski resorts in Vancouver, I created a new Photoshop Curve called Whistler. Made for images shot on dimly lit overcast days, this Curve boosts contrast and adds depth by darkening the shadows. 

I get a lot of questions regarding how my images look the way they do, Photoshop Curves is my best kept secret.  For those asking for downloads, you can also now purchase Whistler, the Photoshop Curve on Etsy. I also listed a few of my other most versatile Photoshop Curves on my Etsay shop, happy browsing! 

Photoshop Curve Whistler by Tracy Zhang
Travel photography by Tracy Zhang
Photoshop Curve Whistler by Tracy Zhang

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