MOO vs Vistaprint Business Cards

7:10 am

I recently ordered some new business cards to prepare for TBEX and decided to compare the quality from both Vistaprint and Moo boasts quality business cards, but at more than 3x the price of Vistaprint and other business card printers. It’s quite an investment, and I wanted to see if the extra money really did deliver 3x the value.

50 x Matte Laminate Business Cards
Design on both sides - since it was free printing, I decided to upload a full image on the back side
Free trial, $7.50 for shipping


500 x Standard Matte Business Cards

Design on one side only - this is my standard business card design

$22 after tax, free shipping

Moo Business Cards
Cards from MOO

Vistaprint Business Cards
 Cards from Vistaprint
Moo vs. Vistaprint Business cards
 Left: Moo // Right: Vistaprint

From a design perspective, I chose to upload my own business card design onto both platforms and found both uploaders just as easily to use and navigate, although Moo had a prettier looking interface. I placed both orders on the same day and received the Vistaprint order a whole week earlier than Moo.

Moo uses a thicker cardstock, it’s more durable and bends less easily. Although both have a matte finishing, the cards from Vistaprint looks more pure white compared to Vistaprint’s more creamy tone. If you examine closely, the lines on Moo cards also didn’t print with a crisp finish - you can see specs of “noise” around the text. The colors from Moo are deeper and stronger - the tones did show through richer than Vistaprint.

While I like the deeper colors from Moo cards, my current business card design looks just fine on the Vistaprint cards. If I were printing large images on bigger promos like postcards and only needed to order a smaller volume of promos, I will definitely consider Moo. But with faster shipping, overall fine quality printing, and very affordable price for large volumes, I’m convinced that Vistaprint is a better return for my business cards.

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  1. I have never seen a better quality business card than a Moo card. They're almost like plastic.

  2. john smith24/7/13 9:05 am

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