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Five Stunning USA Cities via Instagram

8:53 am

Over the years, Instagram has become a source of creative inspiration and outlet for me. It’s also been an unexpected source for travel ideas. I plan almost every trip by flipping through Instagram photos of the city to get an idea of where tourists are heading and what locals are up to.

While it seems half of the Instagram users are all concentrated in San Francisco and New York, I've done some legwork to find accounts that showcase other picturesque cities around the USA. Here are 5 of my favorite accounts of the moment, all showcasing their hometowns through a unique perspective.

Berty Mandagie_Seattle

@BertyMandagie: Seattle
Berty’s account is a gallery of the beautiful outdoors, from golden coastal sunsets to lush forest. Man, Pacific Northwest ’grammers have it good.

Local Milke Nashville_Instagram

@Local_milk: Nashville
I’ve never been to Nashville but Beth’s photos make me feel like I’ve known the rustic city all my life. I love the dark tones and organic textures in her photos. The tabletop feasts are pretty good too.

Tyler Sharp Photo_Dallas Austin_Instagram

@tylersharpphoto: Dallas & Austin
I discovered Tyler’s account recently and immediately fell in love with his perspective on the Lone Star State. My impression of Texas through his gallery is one of backcountry roads, four wheel drive, and backyard bonfires.

Juleytl_New Orleans_Instagram

@juleytl: New Orleans
Juley shows you a side of New Orleans that most people probably don’t know about. Her account certainly made me check my impressions of New Orleans at the door - her style is clean, crisp, and creative, her New Orleans is young, fresh, and modern.


@reema_desai: Washington, DC
Everything I know about Washington DC I learned through law school and the West Wing. Then I stumbled across Reema’s account. From farmer’s markets to the best coffeeshops, I discovered a bright and colorful side to the nation’s capital that I never knew about.

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