Countdown to Utah

8:47 am

One of my favorite trips in North America was when Alex and I drive through Nevada, Utah, and Arizona - visiting four amazing canyons in just four days. We were chasing sunlight endlessly, driving down miles of empty highways that screamed freedom.

This week I’m returning to Utah for a week to discover the secrets of the wonderful Utah Might 5. I cannot wait for the week-long hike under the beaming sun and through the canyon lands. I hope to spend the desert nights counting the stars. I can’t wait!

The trip to Utah will be the longest trip I've taken this year. Other than a few days in Harrison Hot Springs and a staycation in New York City, Alex and I have been staying put since our 2 month long trip through China, Hong Kong, and Japan last summer. I always like the idea of being back home again after a long trip, I get to put my suitcase away, buy fresh flowers for my apartment, and revisit my favorite watering holes in the neighborhood. But I can always count on the itch to go exploring returns after a few months. The only catch is, with time, my ideal way to travel changes. For at least this very moment, all I want is an adventure out in the wild - me, the elements of nature, and my camera. I don't care much for backpacking through the cultural epicenter of Europe, or a week on a beach in an all-inclusive resort. I want to run up to the top of a volcano in Bali, bike through the Canadian Rockies, and hike through the parks of Utah.

Here are my photos from the last time I was in beautiful Utah.

Arizona Utah Roadtrip
Arizona Utah Roadtrip
Bryce Utah, National Park winter
Bryce Utah, National Park winter
Bryce Utah, National Park winter
Antelope Canyon, Arizona
Grand Canyon, ArizonaGrand Canyon, Arizona
Grand Canyon, Arizona

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