Five Years of Travel Blogging

5:52 am

I picked up a camera at 16 years old and knew that I loved making images immediately. I began by commandeering my parents’ old film camera while saving up my pay from coaching kids basketball to buy my first DSLR. I used to spend my lunch hour during school in the darkroom and I blew through my allowance buying more film negatives. Some time in 2008, my interest in film photography turned into a love of media generally. In 2009, I got a summer job at a small magazine in town and soon after I returned to college later that fall, I started Just-in-Time.

The world of blogging has changed a lot since when I first began this blog. Photography has evolved with the affordability of cameras and significant quality improvements in mobile photography. Similarly, people are traveling more and information about far away places are more accessible than ever. The layout of this blog has been updated no less than three times. A year of backpacking through Europe from 2010-2011 and stacking up my country count has turned into month-long stays on far-off islands and returning to places I love over and over again.

When I started the blog, I had one goal: blog once a week. I didn’t even really know what I would share every week and I certainly didn’t know who I was writing it for. Now, through this blog, I am lucky to be able to immerse myself in unique destinations and indulge in memorable experiences.

This is just a long way to say, it’s been 5 years, I’m still here and I’m excited for 5 more years of images, destinations, and memories. The image above was taken at One World Observatory. I finally had the opportunity to check out the view from the top on my birthday, as a surprise from Alex. The view was hazy that day but I have no doubt I'll be back again soon. There is nothing more incredible than seeing New York City, at your feet.

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