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Roadtrip through Newfoundland Canada

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newfoundland Canada roadtrip

There is only one way to see Newfoundland: rent a car, take the ferry, and drive through the beautiful province that is Newfoundland and Labrador. Soak up every ray of sunlight, breathe every breath of fresh air along the way. 

With our camper van all packed up, Alex and I left North Sydney Nova Scotia on a Sunday. The day-time ferry would take 6 hours and drop us off at the Port-Aux-Basque port of call by dinner time. Ferry is probably the best way - and most convenient way - to get to Newfoundland. Our journey on the Marine Atlantic ferry was smooth, we spent most of the time on the sundeck getting in a tan. 

Our destination was Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland. Our hiker friends sung its praises for all the wonderful hikes that the park had to offer. With our minivan camper, we were able to camp in the park and take advantage of its mid-country campsites. 

On our first day there, we ran the Coastal Trail for some much-needed exercise after the long ferry ride. The 6km trail is flat and hugs the coast along the way, providing a gorgeous view the whole way. On day two, the foggy weather made it impossible to head out to the fjords so we headed to the top of Gros Morne Mountain. The 16 km return trip was a fantastic workout - the first 4km is largely flat and the rock scramble to the top was tricky but a lot of fun. The views on the way up Gros Morne Mountain is also rewarding to say the least. 

The lush scenary of Newfoundland reminded me of the mountains of Vancouver, they share a calm serenity that calls the mountains into focus and draws you into the park. 

newfoundland ferry
newfoundland Canada roadtrip
newfoundland Canada roadtrip camper
newfoundland Canada roadtrip
newfoundland Canada roadtrip
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Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland Canada
Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland Canada hike

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