7 Food and Design-centric Travel Photography Blogs to Follow

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I'm guilty of spending hours on the Internet searching for beautiful images, lusting after destinations near and far. In particular, I love checking out food and interiors, and getting to know a place from a design-centric perspective. And as a result, I probably spend more time than I should curating my subscription list on Feedly based on these travel niches. Here are the food and design-centric travel photography blog I’m loving this month:

Travel Photography Blogs Must Follow
Photo by Nicole Franzen

La Buena Vida
Nicole Franzen’s blog, La Buena Vida, was one of the first travel photography blogs I discovered when my interest in travel shifted toward food and design. A professional photographer whose work has an almost documentary influence, La Buena Vida is simply a great source of restaurant and hotel inspiration.

Travel Photography Blogs Must Follow
Photo by Alice Gao

Lingered Upon
Alice Gao’s photographic style has a recognizable chic elegance. The online diary of a travel and still-life photographer, Lingered Upon is a collection of fashion, food, and travel stories that Alice stumbles upon in her personal and professional life. Lingered Upon has inspired me to branch outside of my travel repertoire on Just-in-Time and expand into the realm of lifestyle as the curiosity for travel is, more than anything else, a way of life.

Travel Photography Blogs Must Follow
Photo from Paris in Four Months

Paris in Four Months
Anyone who follows travel photography blogs has probably heard of Paris in Four Months by Carin Olsson. The blog started as a travel diary for the Carin’s friends and family back home when she first moved from Stockholm to Paris. Now, it has become a destination for fashion and street photography. As a fashion photographer, Carin hasn’t lost sight of the blog’s beginnings as she continues to capture her travels around Europe.

Travel Photography Blogs Must Follow
Photo by Sivan Askayo

Sivan Askayo Blog
Sivan is a travel photographer and splits her time between Tel Aviv and New York. I’m so glad to call Sivan my friend and has enjoyed watching her career grow over the last few years. As her work has expanded, I’ve enjoyed seeing more food and interior work gloss her blog. In particular, I love seeing Tel Aviv through Sivan’s lens. She offers a local perspective of her stylish and contemporary hometown.

Travel Photography Blogs Must Follow
Photo from Farfelue

I stumbled upon Farfelue quite recently and immediately found myself drawn to the distinctive clean and minimalistic style of Faye’s work. With a focus on strong lines and architecture, Farfelue is the second Paris-based travel blog on this list, and captures the city of lights truly at its best.

Travel Photography Blogs Must Follow
Photo from Urban Pixxels

Urban Pixxels
Urban Pixxels is another blog I discovered rather recently. Jacintha, the talent behind this London-based photography blog, has me lusting after much of her travels with clean imagery of interiors and restaurants. In particular, I really enjoyed seeing Jacintha’s perspective on CitizenM NYC - a luxury boutique hotel in Manhattan where I found myself not too long ago.

Travel Photography Blogs Must Follow
Photo from Line x Shape x Colour

Line x Shape x Colour
I’m incredibly jealous of how much Gemma of Line x Shape x Colour gets to travel. An Australian textile designer and photographer, Gemma travels a lot for work and for leisure - her images from her jaunts around the globe has me hooked. My favorite images on Line x Shape x Colour are of Ethiopia. Having never been to Africa before, the images show a culture unlike anything I’ve seen in person and inspire me to keep traveling, to keep exploring.

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