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Fall Travel Accessories

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Must have fall accessories for travel

Fall is my favorite time to travel - the colors are changing and the air is crisp. I’m hoping to squeeze in a few short trips out of New York this fall, and these are the travel accessories I’m eyeing for my trip.

Friends with Benefits Headphones
A pair of stylish headphones is key for travel. This pair’s gold trimmings caught my eye immediately.

Denik ‘Hide Away’ Softcover Notebook
From trinkets to memories, travelers are collectors. Keep your travel memories in this sweet notebook.

State Bags Smith backpack
A good backpack is a must-have. You need something to take on flights and trains, or even day trips. State Bags have an awesome model - for every backpack sold, STATE bags gives a backpack stocked with school supplies to a child in need.

Marble iPhone Case
I’m crazy about all things marble this season, including this oh so stylish marble iPhone case.

Vince Camuto Square Jacquard Scarf
A big scarf is versatile accessory for fall travel - it can be a scarf, a wrap, or a blanket.

Pebble Time Round
This stylish time-piece is so much more than that: it’ll alert you to the weather and keep you updated with your train/flight/bus schedule.

David & Young Felt Fedora
I have always liked the idea of hats, but always been hesitant to making the purchase as I can’t imagine myself getting enough wear out of it. But this fall, I’m determined to get out of my style comfort zone and invest in a short brim fedora.

Kate Spade Leather Passport Holder
My passport is a wreck - I once dropped it in water and it’s been wrinkled ever since. To make things worse, the custom stamps I’ve been collecting all faded when it dried up. But you can keep your passport safe with the passport holder. Don’t be like me.

Dior 'So Real' Sunglasses
Sunglasses are a must in the fall - the leaves might be changing color but the sun is still out. Stay cool with these beautiful Dior sunglasses.

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