Frame by Frame with Warby Parker Home Try-On

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Warby Parker_Jennings_Home Try-on

I picked out my first pair of Warby Parker glasses a few years ago after learning about the startup from friends in the valley. Back then, I went through 2 home try-on’s (that’s 10 pair of glasses) before landing on a simple and classic Wilkie that has lasted me through the last 2 years - including a prescription change.

I wear my glasses quite often so I’m currently shopping for a second pair to be able to switch them up. Since I last shopped Warby Parker, they’ve added a lot of new styles to their line-up, which makes the home try-ons all the more fun. While I had these glasses with me for 5 days during the home try-on, I photographed them around the apartment to see which ones I liked best - both to wear and to style.

Warby Park's Home Try-On Experience
The home try-on experience is like guilt-free online shopping - you add a bunch of things to your cart and they ship it to you for free. The only kicker is you have to ship everything back in the packaging and order the actual glasses you want separately.

The tough part, for me at least, is always narrowing down the styles I want to try to just 5. I like to try on similar styles, or the same style in a few colors, until I narrow things down to the pair of glasses I want. The rest of the check out process is easy - must like any other checkout process on an e-commerce site. The glasses arrive in a week, and you get to play with them for 5 days until you have to send them back. The glasses that come in the home try-on box are all sample glasses, the lenses do not have any prescription. After you make your final selection and send the samples back, Warby Parker ships your glasses with the correct prescription. The whole thing is hassle-free, and the best part is that you get to have 5 pairs of glasses to play with for a week.

The 5 styles I'm currently trying at home are:

Warby Parker_Bensen_Home Try-on
Warby Parker_Haskell_Home Try-on
Warby Parker_Jennings_Home Try-on
Warby Parker_Jennings_Home Try-onWarby Parker_Laurel_Home Try-onWarby Parker_Laurel_Home Try-on
Warby Parker_Burke_Home Try-on

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