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New York Holiday Itinerary: Brooklyn

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Brooklyn Bridge_NYC Must See

Living in the Upper West Side, Brooklyn is a bit of a trek for me. But when I do get out to Brooklyn, I make sure to get everything I can out of the trip. First, know that both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge connect New York to Brooklyn. Although the Brooklyn bridge is far more famous, I think both bridges are worth seeing and both offer stunning views. For me, I like to walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn on the Brooklyn Bridge, and then come back to Manhattan via the Manhattan Bridge.

Once in Brooklyn, you’ve got plenty of neighborhoods and sights to choose from. My favorite is Dumbo, industrial warehouse district turned home to some unique art galleries and tech startups. After you check out the art galleries and cool shops in the area, head down to Brooklyn Bridge Park where you can relax in the cool vibe of the waterfront.
Brooklyn Bridge-nyc must see
Dumbo Brooklyn-nyc must see

Heading back to Manhattan via the Manhattan Bridge, take your time to take in the view and keep an eye out for the holes in the fences where photographers before you have made makeshift viewpoints for easy photography. The Manhattan Bridge drops you off in Chinatown, where you have plenty of great restaurant choices. Pell Street is one of the most photographed streets in Chinatown and home to numerous barbershops. Another street worth visiting in Doyers Street, home to Nom Wah Tea Parlor, the first tea parlor in Chinatown (where I once spotted Alan Cumming).

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