How to Write More Effectively With These Tools

8:00 am

Apps for Writing More Effectively

After tackling photo editing tools for every photographer and blogger, I’m going to share some of my favorite writing tools in Part Two of this mini series "Learning through the Holidays". Most of the time, I write the content for the blog post after I already have my images as I find that picturing the blog post helps me clarify what exactly I want to say.

1. Grammarly
I started using Grammarly for my blog posts a few months ago and love that it's like having my personal editor. I pop the blog post into Grammarly after I’ve done a quick once over, and inevitably, the site will catch 1-2 things that I’ve missed. In particular, Grammarly is helpful at fixing grammar mistakes and contextual spelling errors. Microsoft Word doesn’t even come close.

2. Hemingway App
I love Hemingway App’s simplicity and ease of use. Just paste your writing into the site directly and it’ll provide color-coded feedback to make your writing more clear and concise. I know many bloggers who swear by Hemingway App.

3. Headline Analyzer
The last tool for better writing is not an editing tool but will help you a lot with your click-through rate. The headline analyzer from co-schedule provides you a score on the strength of your blog post title based on the use of common words, uncommon words, emotional words, and power words. I’ve re-written and improved several headlines with the help of the Headline Analyzer.

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