What's In My Suitcase: Hawaii Edition

8:00 am

Get this: I'm spending this month in Hawaii! Not only is Hawaii the perfect escape from the New York winter during January, this is my first time to the beautiful islands and I can't wait to soak in all the lush scenery. 

Here's a peak at part of my packing list.

Skin Products: It'll be quite hot during this time and I plan to be doing a lot of outdoor activity. So here's what I've got for skincare: 

Reads: I always like to load up on books about my destination. Normally, I try to do this before I head off on my trip but December was far too hectic so I'm bringing these two literary gems with me. 

Active Wear: I'm taking a lot of activewear with me as I plan to do a lot of hiking and running while on the islands. 

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