Keeping Up with New Year's Resolutions

6:59 am

New Year's Resolutions _keep up

I’ve made a grave mistake. You see, in the last 2 weeks, I let myself eat incredibly unhealthy and disgusting food, none-stop. Granted, I was on vacation during these 2 weeks but still, the eat-until-I-drop diet, while satisfying in the moment, is making me want to crawl out of my own body. Not to mention, I was not on top of my miles in these last 2 weeks which means I’m now in pretty indecent shape.

So much for my 2016 resolution to run a new 10K PR.

Running new year's resolutions

It’s easy to berate myself for letting my diet and running slip up just weeks into the new year but a fitness coach once told me that it’s exactly this kind of self-punishment that makes people fall offtrack indefinitely. We all slip up some times but that’s not what kills our goals. It is the negativity of thinking that it’s all over that pushes some of his clients past the point of no return. Instead, I know what I need to do - remove these last few weeks from my mind and stay focused on my goal.

We’re only a month into the new year but I can’t be alone in my state of despair regarding my new year’s resolution. Some studies show that 36% of people break their new year’s resolutions in the first month. But if there is any real strength in numbers, then here is a message to the 36%: the new year’s not over, it’s only begun.

Despite knowing that I haven’t even racked up 10 miles last week, and that I am now further away from my ideal marathon weight than I was two weeks ago, today, I will lace up my runners and run the 8-miles that my training plan calls. I may be easing into the pace but hey, I'm moving forward.

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