My 2016 Travel Bucket List

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Throughout January, my Facebook feed has been a stream of sunny vacations and exotic destinations. After seeing some amazing holiday photos, I inevitably felt the itch to add a handful of destinations to my bucket-list. Everyone wants to try new things and explore new places. But instead of maintaining a list of lust-worthy destinations the length of my arm, I much prefer to focus on unforgettable travel experiences. I also don't mind returning to the same place over and over again because each trip leaves me with a different and new memory.

After having been to over 35 countries, not to mention having lived on 3 different continents, I now maintain a very small shortlist of destinations that I'm genuinely curious about, rather than mimicking images off of my Instagram feed. There are 3 recurring destinations that I find myself researching year after year, and this year, I hope to make at least one of these places happen with a trip of epic proportions.

I know, I know, I'm so late to the party. I have been wanting to go to Iceland for the last 4 years. And despite the surge in tourism thanks to Instagram, I just can't get enough of this place. I would need at least a week in Iceland to soak in everything - long drives to hidden waterfalls, soaking in natural hot springs, and stargazing under beautiful skies in the northern lights.

Two years ago, I came very close to finally seeing this beautiful country as part of a bigger trip to Southeast Asia. But I had to can the entire trip at the last minute and have been sour about this cancellation ever since. Each year, I grow more curious about Vietnam as I learn more about the country's delicious food scene, intriguing culture, and beautiful landscapes. I already have the perfect itinerary laid out, now I just need to make Vietnam a really.

Like the other candidates on this list, I have been patiently waiting for the chance to visit Tel Aviv for the last few years. In fact, I have been researching places this city so much that I would immediately recognize Tel Aviv from any travel magazine. I have heard so much about the vibrant street-life from bustling cafes to stylish boutiques.

Will 2016 be the year that I finally visit Iceland, Vietnam, or Israel? Keep following Just-in-Time to find out.

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