After 6 years of traveling and photographing around the world, Just-in-Time is no longer updated. To see the latest creative projects from its founder, Tracy Zhang, visit www.tracyzhang.com.

Welcome to Just-in-Time: celebrating a well-traveled life. 

Just-in-Time (JIT) is a destination for urban explorers. With a focus on travel and fitness, JIT celebrates immersive cultural and outdoor experiences for the modern adventure-seeker. JIT readers come to the site to indulge in their endless curiosity for the world. In essence, Just-in-Time is for those who chase experiences and memories, rather than products and things.

On JIT, I share fitness narratives and destination guides, as well as photography tips for creating memories. From hiking in the rainforest to driving along the coast in a camper van, Just-in-Time explores the endless spectrum of adventure options for the young urban explorer.

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    About Me - Tracy

    I picked up my first camera at 16 years-old and have been playing with them ever since. My first photography gig happened by accident when a talent scout saw my work and asked me to shoot headshots for her agency.

    The travel bug came later. In 2010, I went to live and study in Europe for a year. To date, I have lived on 3 different continents and travelled to 35+ countries. I have hitchhiked from France to Spain, tracked whales in the Atlantic Ocean with a research vessel, and hiked the Norwegian Fjords.

    From images to business, I love to make things with my hands.  Just-In-Time was created in 2010 as a creative project born out of my love for photography. Over the last few years, JIT has amassed over a hundred posts and thousands of images, it has also been featured in various press outlets as a source for travel inspiration and photography tips. For me, JIT is a labor of love that reminds me to keep creating images, and to keep exploring the great unknown. It has been a time capsule of my travels to over 35 countries and counting.

    These are my stories.