Explore The Fascinating Festivals Of Kerala And Know The Culture And Her Traditions

We only live once, so live the life happily. It’s not all about making money and acquiring stuffs, so just live like you only have one chance and its actually true right. Travelling is something that makes me happy and that create joy in my life. I surely think many of you think so too. If you haven’t experienced the joy of travelling check out Kerala family tour packages and plan a trip, I am sure that you won’t regret it and will be the most pleasing experience in your life. When I am spending my time in a place which is strange to me, I would explore the place and its cultures. The best time to know the culture of a place is when she is in a festive mood.

This article is for the ones who love to visit Kerala and know her culture and traditions.  Kerala – The God’s Own Country – is more beautiful and joyous during the festive seasons. Following are the traditional festivals of Kerala:


This festival is considered as the festival of the whole Keralites, and is the harvest festival of Kerala. Onam is conducted every year in the remembrance of the great King Mahabali and his homecoming. He’s considered as the ancient emperor of Kerala, who was very noble and kind. Onam comes in the months of August and September and is a 10- day long festival. During this festive season we could see most of the houses decorated with pookkalam (Rangoli done with flowers), the people with their traditional dresses- men: shirt and kasavu dhoti, women: kasavu saree, The very famous traditional dance form of Kerala, the Kathakali is a major tourist attraction, there will be pulikali (a show of people dressed in tiger costumes), Onasadya – the traditional lunch on the tenth day which will be having rice and many other side dishes and it also will be served in the banana leaves, additionally there will be many indoor and outdoor games for all age groups . During the Onam season Kerala will be as colorful as it could be.

2.Vallam Kali (Boat race)

Kerala is blessed with its backwaters and the boat races are held there in those beautiful waters.

These boat races attract many tourists from around the world. The main attractions are the very long boats which will be steered by more than fifty people and the boats will be amazingly fast. The boat races are held in the month of July or September. There will be thousands of spectators for these boat races who will be cheering and singing the traditional boat songs. Those who are willing to take part in the boat races just lookout for the famous Nehru Trophy boat race and the Champakulam boat race which are both held in the backwaters of Alleppey. To increase the beauty of the backwaters there are the traditional houseboats and cheena vala (a kind of fishing technique) which are a feast to the eyes.


This is the New Year of Kerala as per the Malayalam calendar and will be in the month of April. The main attraction is the Vishu Kani Kaanal (a tradition followed by Hindu’s accompanied by ‘Pooja’ ) which is done early in the morning and the whole family will be there. The family comes blindfolded and are allowed to see the statue of Lord Krishna and then start of their new year. Other attraction will be the firecrackers and the lighting decorations done to the houses.


Theyyam is a popular ritual form of worship in Kerala. This art form is predominant in various places of Kerala such as Kasargod, Kannur, Wayanad and Kozhikode. This ritual is many hundred years old and is still accepted by the locals and they consider it sacred and holy. Theyyam exhibits the real culture and traditions of Kerala as it is an ancient ritual. The performers Paint their body with bright colours and put costumes likewise.


Pongal is a festival for the women from different parts of the state. They boil rice and celebrate this tradition at the famous Attukal Devi Temple in Trivandrum. During this time the Temple will be crowded with women from different parts of Kerala. Women wear the traditional and very pretty kasavu saree and different gold ornaments. The crowd of women gathering in the temple has made a place in the Guinness book of world records for holding the largest female crowd, and this happens each and every year.

These beautiful and colourful festivals are the best time to visit Kerala and explore the Legendary traditions and cultures of the state, and also know why Kerala is called God’s Own Country. So if you are planning to visit Kerala just lookout for these festivals and plan your trip with Kerala tour packages enjoy the beauty of Kerala and experience the cool vibes.

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