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It’s that time of the year again. Summer is upon us and what better way to spend it than camping? Camping with the kids allows you as parents go back to your own childhood. If you leave the phones and tablets at home your kids will be more than happy to enjoy your favourite childhood games and even expand on them creating new wonderful lifelong memories.

Below are some great activities for your next camping trip.

Other than going on a nature walk, cooking over the campfire, watching for animals (and fairies), telling stories by the fire, playing cards or board games, making rock pets playing flashlight tag, singing campfire songs, making shadow puppets, catching fireflies or other bugs and looking at the stars, here are some other fun things to do:

  1. Den building: you can build a small den as a ‘hideout’ for the kids or build a big den for you all to fit it.
  2. Natural noughts and crosses: This is my favourite by far. Collect four long, thin sticks to lay out a noughts and crosses grid and then collect two sets of five similar items – such as five pine cones and five leaves or five acorns and five stones. Two players can then play against each other as you would in noughts and crosses with each selecting their set of markers and taking it in turns to lay them in the grid with the aim of being the first one to get three pine cones, leaves or acorns in a row.
  3. Hide and seek: No explanation needed here. Hide and seek in the ‘wild’ is so much fun. You might even spot a deer or two.
  4. A nature scavenger hunt: Come up with a list of things for your kids to find in the woods and send them out to scavenge – for example: an oak leaf, an acorn, a pine cone, a stick that looks like the letter Y, a bluebell, a white flower… the list can be as long as you like. Just take a look around for inspiration.
  5. Alphabet scavenger hunt: Challenge your kids to find something from the woodland beginning with each letter of the alphabet. You can do this one whilst making the bbq/dinner and know that the kids (within eyesight) are having a blast.

So there you have it, all sorts of fun and exciting activities that the whole family will enjoy.

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