Reasons to Get Your Children Involved in Sports

Getting your children involved in sports is more important than you may think. Thinking about how we can make sure that our children are regularly active through sport should be something that all parents prioritise regardless of our own interests and activity levels as many studies now prove that child participation in sports and games can have an incredibly positive impact on their lives. But, how so? Keep on reading to find out…

5 Reasons You Should Sign Your Child Up For Sports Today


Sports boost self-esteem – through participation in sport, children learn how to become more confident and that it pays to work hard. This in turn improves their overall self-esteem allowing them to approach other aspects of life in a positive way. When playing sports people/children are also often required to set goals and meet them; a fantastic life skill that will benefit both their future sporting experiences, education and their journey into working life.

Playing sports helps develop teamwork and leadership skills – Involvement, in team sports will assist children in learning how to communicate with one another and how to solve problems with their team mates. Learning how to work as a team and also how to organise teams is important for children, as these are both things that they will experience in life. Sports involvement also allows for children to develop teamwork skills in other ways, for example those involved in sports often get the chance to go on school sports tours and other such events.

Sport is a natural stress reliever – Playing sports is one of the best ways for children to relax and unwind, releasing any tension that they have built up. It can also help children to improve their sleeping patterns and feel more energised as a result. Sports clubs and groups also provide a great method for children to make new friends, enabling them to develop close bonds with people their own ages.

Sports involvement can help children develop lifelong healthy lifestyle habits – Another advantage of children getting involved in sports on a regular basis is that it allows for them to enhance their fitness levels and for them to stay in shape. There is currently a real problem with childhood obesity and parents should now start encourage their children to get involved in sports from an early age.

Sports are fun! – It is important for children to enjoy themselves and to be able to let go. Children don’t have to be and shouldn’t have to be serious all of the time! Sports provide children with a great method of having fun whilst being safe. Memories made when playing sports as a child can stay with people for the rest of their lives and involvement in sports from an early age sets a fantastic platform for a lifelong relationship with sports.

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