Thinks to Keep in Mind when Trekking in Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the most famous for its eco friendly nature and is the best place for touring in India. Rather than anything else, the locals of Bhutan and government of Bhutan gives a special attention to the environment and its resources. One of the cheapest wonder, which is difficult to watch in today’s world, is the fresh air. The country is enriched with the beautiful mountains and the beautiful mountains give a far better view of the city. Due to such mountains and extreme beauty, it is considered as the best place for trekking. There is no doubt that trekking is a tiring activity but once trekker will reach on the top of the mountains, it would be a treat in itself. Although the Bhutan is famous for the environmental and cultural tours but experiencing, the trekking in Bhutan is also not a less treat.

  • Some people go to the top of the mountains while some people come back from the middle of the way. Some people combine the trekking and camping and it is the best experience to enjoy. The mountains contain the different flora and fauna, which cannot be encountered normally, so the people, who are passionate about exploring the new flora and fauna, can, give a treat to themselves. There are different kinds of tourists, the tourists, which are in love with the nature, can visit this place anytime. As the tourists visit Bhutan for 2-3 days but after seeing its beauty, the tourist will extend the trip. If anyone is visiting Bhutan then give trekking a try at least once and you will love it.
  • There are certain tourists who visit Bhutan especially for trekking. As there are different types of treks present in the Bhutan, one can choose from the easy to complex one. But if you know that you are going to climb the mountains in Bhutan then do not forget to bring certain essentials which are required while trekking like a camera and tents for staying. Although there is another necessary essential while trekking i.e., food to eat but one can easily get it by the trekking guides. There is no hardship to get the trekking guide in Bhutan, one can get the trekking guide easily and they can serve the local food to them.
  • Depending on the height of the mountains, one can take 9-10 hours to go and come back to the ground location. Sometimes, who are visiting Bhutan for the first time, they might not know that they have to bring their tents for trekking but there are certain guides, which can offer them and arrange the tents for them.
  • Bhutan is very beautiful city but it looks more beautiful when viewed from the mountains. Although there is no specific time on which the tourist should visit Bhutan but best time to visit the Bhutan is March, April, May and September, October, November because the city becomes more beautiful during these months and one can enjoy the trekking. So if anyone wants to visit Bhutan then do not forget to do the trekking.

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