4 Super Tips When Traveling to Iran

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“To be prepared is half the victory.”

— Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Do you want to a have a fun and fulfilling trip? Prepare well.

True to what the acclaimed novelist said, being prepared is already half the triumph. This is because when you take the time and effort to research about the place you are going to, then you will be armed with the knowledge that will make your trip as seamless as possible.

Knowledge is Power

Where will you go? What will you do? What food will you eat? These are just some of the common questions travelers ask themselves when they visit a place. Whether you are going alone or with company, it would be wise to have at least the basic information about your destination.

What you know will help you in putting together an itinerary. You can plan activities ahead of time. You can make informed choices on a variety of things. Since everything can now be accessed online, ignorance is not an excuse anymore.

If you want to learn about Iran, for example, you simply go and search online and you will have page after page of information.

You also have the convenience of services such as an online hotel booking company that can provide a selection of accommodations in Iran. They can also patch you up with a partner flight-booking outfit, provide perks for corporate hotel booking, and even give you useful travel information on their blog.

You have to work smart when you want your adventure to Iran to be as delightful as possible. Here are 4 valuable tips that will ensure a victorious adventure:

1. On weather

Knowing when to go to Iran will prepare you for what to expect as well as what to wear.

The ideal season to visit this colorful country is around March to May when the weather is generally clear. For those who prefer warmer weather, the months of June to October would be better. For hikers and trekkers, September and October are famous for moderate temperatures.

Low season happens between November to February when temperatures drop. Some roads may be impassable and the northeast and west are especially cold. Skiing would be great during this season.

2. On visas

You need a valid Iranian visa to explore the country. It is best to process the application at least two months before your date of arrival. Some get a three-month tourist visa if they are passport holders from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia and Turkey.

Getting a tourist visa is the most viable option to secure a 30-day visa that can be extended to 90 days. You can also get a visa upon arrival, but this will involve a longer waiting time and a higher risk of getting denied.

A transit visa may also be applied for and will grant a five- to seven-day stay. You must, however, enter and exit through different countries and have a valid ticket to your onward destination. US passport holders may not apply for this visa.

It would be wise to prepare a 30-day itinerary if you want to get a 30-day visa.

3. On money

Be prepared to have enough cash for your stay in Iran, as non-Iranian debit or credit cards are not accepted. Some shops, like rug or jewelry stores, accept US dollars or euros but it depends on how fast they can get the exchange rate for the day.

The rule of thumb here is to make sure that you know how to legally exchange your currency to rials so you won’t encounter any setbacks in your travel plans.

4. On photography

Taking pictures of government buildings or military installations is strictly prohibited. While buildings and facilities of a more sensitive nature are not easy to identify, it is best to steer clear of places that are not considered a tourist attraction.

It is also always better to ask before taking photographs of people, especially women and children. Using your laptop, gadgets, or other electronic equipment in public places may be misconstrued especially if they contain photographs. You may face serious charges, like espionage, and may be detained.

Better safe than sorry

When visiting other places, it is always better to be armed with the basic information such as those  mentioned above. Most especially, know the rules and regulations as well as the local customs. In an Islamic country like Iran, it would do well to have a healthy respect for their way of life.

Doing your research and making sufficient preparations are essential for an enjoyable and successful trip to a different country. These will ensure that you get to enjoy a stress-free and smooth-sailing escapade to Iran.


Raheleh Rasouli is a content creator at Snapptrip, a full-service travel booking company based in Tehran, Iran with a mission to empower customers’ choices in booking their whole travel online. Raheleh is a veteran journalist with an aptitude for precision and a passion for new media.

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