Best Methods of Exploring Miami

Are you planning a fantastic getaway to Miami, Florida? The tropical climate is alluring. The city has something to offer for everyone. The praline sandy beaches, amazing nightlife, and a variety of attractions are breathtaking. Miami is a popular destination for many reasons. The city is large and vibrant. The area is home to the third tallest skyline in the country. One of the nicknames for this metropolis is “Magic City.” The name fits. Let’s take a look at some of the best methods of exploring Miami.

Getting to and Exploring Miami

There are a variety of methods once could choose to get to Miami. You could take a plane. This method is the fastest. You could take a bus as well. These are common options but are they really the best. Time permitting, an RV Rental offers a different travel perspective. When you travel by bus or plane you are on their schedule. The RV or recreational vehicle allows you to move at your own pace. You have the ability to ride in comfort and stop and smell the roses on your own timeline.

Miami: So Many Sights to See

When most think of Miami, they think of beaches and palm trees. Surfside, Miami Beach, and South Beach are just a few of these awesome destinations. Other great attractions include the Freedom Tower, the Art Deco District, and of course, Little Havana. The Bayside Market Place and Ocean Blvd. are also popular locations.

It really depends on your own preference. Zoo Miami and the Miami Sea Aquarium are definitely fun to see. A tour of the famous Florida Everglades or Jungle Island is simply fascinating. The question still remains, what is the best methods of Exploring Miami.

Popular Methods of Exploring Miami

The best method of exploring Miami is definitely in the eye of the beholder. All tourists do not share the same timeline, budget or interest. It is simply our goal to present you with a variety of methods you can take into consideration. We have already established that an RV Rental is an outstanding method of getting there. Getting around the city is another matter completely.

The Metrobus is one way of getting around. This standard form of city transportation will get you from point A to point B. There are several rail methods to pursue. The Tri-Rail, Metrorail, and Metromover are all efficient transportation options. These elevated rails will get you all over the city. Biking is a method fast growing in popularity. Miami is a trendy city. Many people ride a bike or walk to their destination. These methods provide you with an opportunity to view the area close and personal.

A Helicopter tour is a great way to view the city and surrounding area from above. A day trip to the Florida Everglades is a must. The airbus ride through this destination is memorable. You could also take the Big Bus Tour and explore the city from a different perspective.  

Summing it All Up

Begin your trip to Miami with an RV Rental. Decide which great attractions you want to see and which transportation methods will be best for you. The important thing is that you view the city from a magical perspective that will provide you with a very memorable experience.

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