Five Tips To Keep Your Travel Trailers In Great Shape

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If you just got home from a long summer of travel, welcome back to Corpus Christi! Keep these tips in mind as we move into the colder months to keep your RV in tip top shape so it can continue to help you make memories for years to come. If you have any specific questions about yours, its best to ask travel trailer experts.

– Just like your daily driver, your RV needs oil changes too! Check your owners manual for the oil change interval recommendation for your specific make and model. This also gives a mechanic the opportunity to look over your RV to see if there are any repairs that need to be done.

– At the end of the summer season, have your generator serviced. Don’t forget to run your generator from time to time during the colder months.

– Have a mechanic take a look at your RV’s brakes to see if anything needs to be changed or replaced. This is key for your gas mileage, but more importantly, for your safety.

– Does your RV have a rubber roof? If so, be sure to have it treated once a year to prevent sun damage. It’s also key to have your roof inspected twice a year- before and after the busy summer RV season are great times to have this done.

– In the colder months, remove the battery from your RV and store it in a warm place. When RV batteries are kept in the cold, they have a tendency to freeze and break.

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