Top 5 Important Tips for Beginner Jet Ski Riders

If you are thinking about planning a jet ski tour for you and your family, friends or want to do something fun and exciting for a special occasion, then Flippers Jet Ski Rental and Dolphin Tours has the information and also experienced, helpful staff to get you on your way. If you are new to riding a jet ski and want some tips or strategies to ensure that you have a safe and fun outing, then here are a few helpful tips.

The first thing to keep in mind is safety.  If you have never had the opportunity of riding a jet ski before then here are a few tips to keep in mind.  It doesn’t matter if you have ridden before or completely new to jet skiing.  These tips will help to ensure that you are safe whiling having fun.

Look straight when riding your jet ski

When people first try to ride a jet ski they often will have difficulty holding the jet ski steering handle bars straight.  First time jet sky riders will stare right at the handlebars instead of looking straight.  However, this is easy to fix and correct rather quickly.  Focus on lifting your head up and look straight forward.  By taking this action it will help you to control the jet ski and drive straight and ensure that you do not have an accident.

Turn up the speed to get away from threats

One interesting fact about a jet ski is that it does not have a rudder and it’s not powered by an outboard motor or propeller. Instead a jet ski can glide on top of the water by squirting a stream of water behind it.  The force or power of the water being squirted helps to push the jet ski forward.  If for any reason you have to slow down and you ease back on the thrusting power of the jet ski, you will lose the ability to maintain control and your steering capabilities will be greatly diminished and you can lose control.  Should an emergency arise, and you have to avoid an on-coming collision, do not take you hand off the throttle.  But doing this it will make it nearly impossible to avoid possible danger.  So, focus on increasing speed and steer clear of any possible threats.

Re Board your jet ski properly

As a beginner you might fall of the jet ski a couple times when first learning Not a big problem and happens all the time.  There is a method to help you get back on and having fun in no time.  First, you must re-board the jet ski from the back or stern.  Just reach out to grab the handle bar that is behind the seat and just pull yourself right out of the water. If you are riding with another person, be sure that one person gets on board one at a time.  It is not recommended to re-board from the side as this can cause the ski to fall on its side.

Remember to relax and have fun.

At first when a new jet ski rider has been on the ski for a while they might start to feel tiredness and soreness in their hands and shoulders.  It is totally normal for new jet ski riders. The key is to just relax your grip. Remember to keep elbows bent.  This technique will help you to ride without getting fatigued.

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