How US Citizens Can Travel To Srilanka?


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Travelling to Srilanka is the dream of many US citizens probably because its culture and many other beautiful places to visit have made it the centre of attraction over many countries. Tea garden and beautiful landscapes of Srilanka are known worldwide which makes it worth as once in a lifetime destination. However, getting an e visa to Srilanka for US citizens is quite a lengthy process for sure as applying the embassy and waiting for the visa used to take time before. But after the civil war came to an end in 2009, tourism in Srilanka is going rapidly which can simplify the entire process to get Visa to Srilanka.

How to get the e visa easily within a short time?

It is not so tough to apply visa from US as everything has made online by embassy. You can apply through the embassy portal and can get the visa within a few days after a simple inquiry session. As Srilanka is developing relying on tourism, getting approval from there is probably simple. Open the government portal and follow the following procedure

  • Select on apply for visa and then Srilanka option from various countries seen in the portal.
  • A page will be opened with a long document to be filled by the user. You have to enter all the personal details required which will also contains the reason of travelling to Srilanka.
  • Select the type of Visa you want to apply and upload the documents required on the portal.
  • Wait for a few days until you get a message from the authorities after approval.

On the other hand tourist visa takes less time than an e visa which has limited amount of time to be in Srilanka which is quite enough to visit all popular places such as national parks, famous landscapes, sanctuaries, famous tea gardens with mind boggling sceneries etc. Consulting a travel agency before your start for Srilanka will be quite smart as few days in Srilanka should cover every places that must be visited.

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