Tips to help you Enjoy your Stay at a Five Star Hotel

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If you do not frequent 5 star hotels, you may have numerous questions in regards to what is expected of you when you stay there for the first time. Many up market hotel facilities especially those that target business travelers are often official.

Other hotels target both tourist and business visitors. 5-star facilities in various regions especially Bali are resorts. These usually have unofficial practices. Before choosing your ideal 5-star hotels in Jakarta, it’s important to conduct extensive research, especially from the hotel’s website.

This way, you will have a rough idea of the ambiance and style of your preferred hotel prior to arrival. Below are tips to ease your stay in a five-star hotel.

  • What Should You Wear

Staying in a five star hotel for the first time can only be compared to meeting somebody for the first time. Dressing appropriately can help you feel more comfortable. You do not, however, have to purchase an entire wardrobe for your visit. You could choose some smart casual decent outfits from your existing wardrobe. If you are staying for business purposes then you can opt for casual business outfits.

  • Giving Tips

Guests staying in expensive hotels may have difficulty giving tips. However, many hotels across the world have a tipping culture and if you are staying in one of those then giving tips would be a good idea.

However, guests should not feel compelled the by the hotel’s ambiance either to tip for ordinary roles that they could easily execute on their own, or tip more than the average amount. Where possible, tip as many staff as you can possibly afford. This will not only demonstrate how much you appreciate them, but it will also motivate them to work harder in order to provide satisfactory services.

  • Being an Impeccable Hotel Guest

It’s important to behave accordingly and abide by the rules of the facility. Take time to learn their schedule and exercise courtesy and respect when dealing with the staff. Always ask for clarifications when you cannot understand what needs to be done.

Hotel staffs are properly trained and ready to assist guests with their satisfaction. Consider checking the handbook available in each room for detailed information. This could save you from going against the rules and causing yourself an untold embarrassment.

  • 5 Star Dining Experience

5-star hotel dining is an excellent experience but it can be intimidating as well. Some five-star hotel restaurants have high dress standards. These, however, do not necessarily have to be official attire not unless they are overly stylish or European restaurants that are booked out for weeks or even months.

If you do not fancy official fine dining, research on ideal 5-star dining etiquette from various sources especially the internet. Hotel menu can be complex sometimes and many guests are afraid of finding more details from the staff. Always ask for more details and clarifications and this will make you feel more relaxed.


Are you planning to visit a five-star hotel? You probably envision a luxurious facility complete with excellent services. Avoid unrealistic expectations in order to avoid disappointments. Remember to be real even when visiting a 5-star hotel.

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