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Pripyat River

In 1986, on the bank of the Pripyat River, there was a developing city with the same name. He opened up new opportunities for his residents. The most important of these was the possibility of employment for a nuclear power plant. At that time the NPP was one of the most prestigious places for employment. It attracted more people to the city. All those who were sent to Pripyat to work and were given the opportunity to live there believed that this was an excellent chance to create a career, a normal life arrangement.

So it was until April 26, 1986. This night forever changed Pripyat. The city turned into a ghost. Residents were evacuated, many were killed. For more than 30 years Chernobyl and the city of Pripyat has been a zone of alienation. This is a huge territory that is not intended for people living. Time has stopped there forever. While the streets of other cities are filled with people, the vehicles are full of life, Pripyat sleeps in a sleepy sleep.

Everyone knows that this city was put to sleep. What caused mass evacuations and deaths? The reason for this was an explosion at the already mentioned nuclear power plant. But what consequences this brought to the city, and to the whole world.

Pripyat Nowadays

The city was founded in 1979 with the purpose of settling people who will serve the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Infrastructure was rapidly developing there, hospitals, schools, and kindergartens were opened. But the explosion at the nuclear power plant caused contamination of the area of radiation, so the city had to be abandoned. All the items located there were contaminated with radiation. Therefore, to take out of the zone even personal belongings were forbidden. The population left the zone only with documents proving their identity.

For such a long period without human attention and care, the city is filled with dilapidated buildings that lost their appearance with time. The city is overgrown with large trees and grass. It completely reflects the uninhabited and alienated territory. Only the architectural features of the buildings inherent in that era make it possible to guess their purpose: the house of culture, the school, the kindergarten. Approaching closer on some of them, it is still possible to look at the inscriptions on the tablets.

By the ratio of trees and buildings in the city, it seems that not the flora of the city has expanded, but just someone thoughtlessly built buildings in the forest. In this regard, many wild animals appeared in the city, and a greater number of fish developed in the reservoirs. The unsolved symbol of Pripyat was the catfish. After all, these fish are very familiar to tourists’ stalkers. Since they fill most of the reservoirs and almost do not fear people. Today this territory is not suitable for living, but a short trip is quite acceptable and safe. You can learn more about the city of Pripyat by visiting it during a tourist trip. Source web-site:

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