The best beaches to visit when you stay in Kommetjie

Planning a luxurious self-catering holiday experience in Cape Town this December? You can’t go wrong if you book four-star Kommetjie accommodation with Kommetjie Beach Retreats.

Surround yourself with some of the most beautiful, family friendly beaches Cape Town has to offer. Here’s our list of the best ones to visit:

Inner Kom and Outer Kom:

The small fishing village of Kommetjie spills into a natural sea basin with large tidal pools and many pristine white beaches perfect for families with children.

Added to this, the basin becomes a popular tourist attraction and crawfishing harbour for locals and visitors during high season (November to April) and you can reach the boat slipway by walking a short distance around bird island, which is bound to be close to your Kommetjie accommodation because Kommetjie is such a small village.

There is also a catwalk which connects inner and outer Kom and this is near to a well-known surfing spot for big-wave surfers. The famous Slangkop lighthouse can be reached by a boardwalk to the shore or you and your family can hike a short distance up to the WW2 radar station from the road where exquisite views of the ocean and lighthouse can be experienced.

Inner and outer Kom are also great surfing spots. While Inner Kom is perfect for less experienced surfers, Outer Kom caters for big-wave daredevils in the right conditions.

Long Beach:

The name suggests it all. This famous stretch of white sand can be reached via the surfer’s car park and lookout deck off Kirsten Avenue as you enter Kommetjie and runs for 5km towards Noordhoek, another quaint farm style town in the area. It is popular with families, junior and senior surfers alike and dog walkers. The SS Kakapo shipwreck is nestled in the sand towards Noordhoek and on the way, toddlers can enjoy rock pools and shallow inlets in which to swim and splash around. It’s the perfect sunset venue in good weather and is a must visit and a short walk from self-catering Kommetjie accommodation in the area.

As this is a beach on the Atlantic shores of the Cape Peninsula, the water can be icy cold and surfers will need to wear wetsuits all year round for long sessions. The most attractive things about this beach are its sheer length, its centrality and exquisite mountain views.

Noordhoek Beach:

Just 5km from Long Beach lies the exceptionally rugged Noordhoek Beach and lagoon, a picturesque inlet where surfers, families with dogs and kids and horse riders can enjoy a blissful Saturday or Sunday.

One can picnic here or walk a short distance up the boardwalk to The Red Herring Pub and restaurant – a local favourite and nearby, book a horse-riding excursion with various riding centres in the area.

For spectacular views of the beaches of Kommetjie visit the gallery at Kommetjie Beach Retreats and book your incredible holiday today.

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