Wine tasting is an important feature of an epic honeymoon. Whether you have decided to go on an adventure-themed honeymoon, or you have chosen a secluded luxury resort to enjoy each other’s company intimately, wine tasting should definitely be on your list. Most people prefer to go to luxury resorts for their honeymoon, and such destinations provide an excellent platform to try out wine tasting for the first time.  

Majority of these resorts have world class restaurants that offer wine tasting events regularly. For instance, the Jimbaran Restaurant is renowned for its epic wine tasting events that are held regularly. Here, wine connoisseurs from all over the world come to sample some of the most delicious wines from different wine producing regions.

Wine tasting is something of an art. You might feel slightly out of your depth if you are indulging in this activity for the first time while at your honeymoon. However, if you take heed to the following tips, then everything will go along smoothly. As a result, you will immensely enjoy your first wine tasting experience.

  1. Do not focus on the rules

As a newbie to the culture of wine tasting, the best thing you can do in order to ensure that you have an excellent time is to throw away the rule book. Focusing too much on the rules at this stage might end up confusing you which will ultimately lead you to have a less than ideal time. You will end up being so hang up on the rules that you forget to actually live in the moment. Make mistakes during your first wine tasting experience, and have fun doing so. After all, this is your honeymoon and no one is judging you.

  1. A few basics

Even though you are throwing away the rule book initially, it is important to converse yourself with a few common wine-tasting terminologies. This little knowledge will help you navigate this new world easier and faster, and enhance your experience.

These terms include the following:

  • Swirling and sniffing

One of the first things you should do when you are handed a glass of wine at a wine tasting is to swirl the wine in the glass. Swirling the wine in a circular motion allows for the oxygen to permeate through the wine, making it more fragrant.

After the swirling motion, bring your nose to the rim of the glass, and take a sniff. Sniffing the wine before taking a sip activates your sense of smell. Your sense of smell will have a significant impact on how your taste buds will react to the taste of the wine. In a way, the sniffing action prepares your palate for the taste of the wine.

  • Swishing, spitting, and swallowing

Swishing is the act of moving the wine around in your mouth. You swirl the wine around your mouth to ensure that it lands on every section of your tongue. This guarantees a greater sensation, and you are able to pick up on the distinct tastes of the wine.

After swishing, the next thing you should do is to spit the wine out. It seems a bit counter-intuitive, but remember, this is a wine tasting and not a full-on drinking session. It is also imperative that you spit the wine out if you will be tasting a lot of different wines. Spitting ensures that you do not get drunk as you go through the various wines. Spitting also helps in cleaning your palette in preparation for the next sip of wine.

The swishing and spitting action helps you determine the best wine that you should sit down and consume.

Swallowing is also acceptable if you are only receiving small portions of wine to taste.

With these basics, you are sure to have a spectacular time during your first wine tasting experience, which will make your honeymoon more memorable.

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