First Time to Singapore: What You Should Know

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Over the years, Singapore has made its mark as one of the most sought-after tourist destinations globally. Additionally, Singapore experiences a tropical climate all year-round, meaning temperatures rarely change throughout the year. This climate adds to why it is a perfect holiday destination. You can check out to sort out your visa issues.

Singapore has experienced a significant facelift that has transformed the country into one of the best in the world. As such, business people and entrepreneurs alike are also looking to invest in Singapore.

Additionally, Singapore boasts of a blend of three dominant cultures: Asian, Malay, and Arabic. All of these have led to its cultural diversity. Speaking of culture, a trip to Singapore will allow you to sample food and artwork from the various people living there.

If it is your first time visiting Singapore, the plethora of shopping malls, museums, historic sites, and food markets can leave you spoiled with the variety of choices. It will be difficult to decide which destinations to visit first.

Well, here is a list of the must-visit places once you land.

Marina Bay

You just can’t afford to miss a tour of Marina Bay when in Singapore. The Marina Bay area offers a host of many worldwide attractions, most notably the Gardens by the Bay.

Little India

Just as the name suggests, you’ll most likely bump into an Indian neighborhood. Well, the area is prominent because of quality restaurants that offer mouth-watering Indian delicacies. Other than the eateries, you will come across a host of modern shopping malls that sell everything from clothes to decorations. Additionally, there are budget hotels that offer accommodation facilities.


Well, just as Little India is a destination for Indian food, Chinatown is a Chinese hub. It is among the top recommended neighborhoods to visit in Singapore especially if you are a foodie. Here, you will find a variety of local Chinese dishes, street food included.

Arab Street

Arab Street is a long stretch of modern shopping malls that stock Arab items from carpets to clothes. Most of the shops here sell original products and will be worth checking out particularly if you like collecting souvenirs.

Dressing for Singapore

As discussed earlier, Singapore’s weather is pretty constant all year-round. However, there are rainy seasons. For a tourist trip, ensure you pack cotton clothes because the climate is humid, meaning you will sweat a lot. As far as shoes are concerned, a pair of open shoes can come in handy for taking a stroll out and about. Additionally, carry a couple of closed shoes in case you are planning to go for hikes during your stay. A pair of sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen are also essential to protect you from the sun.

Other Rules

Just so you know, chewing gum is prohibited on the streets of Singapore, so don’t carry any. Secondly, don’t go around littering in the city-state. Your holiday might turn out to be a sweeping expedition.

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