Selecting the right wedding reception venue can be an exhausting process. This is because of the multitude of choices at your disposal. Some of these choices are excellent, while others, not so much; mainly because they do not match the vision you have regarding your reception. Whenever you are looking for a wedding reception venue, you are looking for a space that is most suitable for your guests.

This is a space where everyone can be comfortable eating, dancing, and having a good time. It should also be a space that enhances and encapsulates the celebratory mood of everyone attending the reception including yourself and your new spouse. It should also be a space where photographers, caterers, and entertainers can be able to discharge their duties effectively.

One of the best wedding reception venues are luxury hotels such as the prestigious and critically acclaimed Hotel Jakarta. There are many benefits to hosting a wedding reception at a luxury hotel. These benefits include:

  • Sufficient amount of space

One of the main benefits of hosting your reception using a luxury hotel as the venue is adequacy of the space. Most hotels will offer you a spacious banquet hall where you can host your reception. These establishments will also provide you with a number of spaces to choose from. The spaces are large and vary because luxury hotels often host large conferences, as well as parties that require large accommodations and meeting facilities.

  • Wedding packages

You can have your entire ceremony, from the rehearsal dinner to the honeymoon, in a luxury hotel. Most of these hotels offer comprehensive wedding packages that cover accommodation for all of your guests, as well as adequate venues for your rehearsal dinner, actual wedding, the reception, and the honeymoon. Selecting a bundle with all of these services can help you save money and time, by reducing transportation costs, and hiring of different premises for the different ceremonies.

The packages vary in terms of price, and you are guaranteed of finding a package that is most suitable for your wedding budget.

  • In-house catering

Another benefit of selecting the luxury hotel is that there is in-house catering, usually of a higher quality and standard when compared to other venue choices. The chefs at these establishments are usually world renowned, and your guests will highly appreciate the fine dining experience.

Some hotels will offer you a package that includes full in-house catering as part of the cost of renting the venue. There are a variety of packages available as well, so you can choose one that is most suitable for your budget, and the number of guests that will be in attendance.

For instance, you can choose a full course menu for your reception, or you can select a basic buffet package. There are several other packages in between.

  • Adequate equipment and supplies

As mentioned above, these establishments usually cater to large groups of people that often require a large supply of equipment and supplies. This means that there will be adequate rental supplies and equipment that can adequately cater for your event.The equipment will obviously also be of high quality. Using the equipment and supplies provided by the hotel can help you save a lot of money in terms of rental rates.

It can also save you a lot of time that you would have used trying to find the right vendor for the equipment that will be used in your reception. You can use this time to focus on other aspects of planning your wedding reception.

The hotel will also avail members of staff to help you set up the equipment needed to have a lively reception. The members of staff will also help you with the clean up once the ceremony is over.

 Those are just a few of the benefits of hosting your wedding reception at a luxury hotel.

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