Mumbai: The city of dreams and stunning locations

With all the historical implications and modern-day attractions present, Delhi still exerts its charm over the majority of Indians. The fact that it is considered very prestigious to land a job in the capital city adds to the image it projects. But despite these, Delhi is notorious for its pollution, and the general busy lives lead by all its inhabitants. The busy and young individuals also carry within them, hearts that seek discoveries, new places and a need to experience everything with all their senses. Being two hours away from Delhi via flight, Mumbai would be an excellent option to explore during the long weekends or vacation. Yes, go ahead and check out Delhi to Mumbai Flights Online to have a fun time in one of the most famous cities in India.

Mumbai: What it holds for you

How does one even start talking about Mumbai without mentioning its several beautiful beaches? Starting off with, of course,Juhu beach, a prevalent one among tourists and locals alike. It goes on for 6 kilometres, facing the endless seeming Arabian Sea. Equip yourself with some delicious snacks available nearby and settle in for a beautiful sunset. But for a cleaner experience, move on the Bandra Bandstand beach. It is lined by celebrity homes and old Churches while providing a marvellous view for couples aiming to spend a romantic evening. Madh Island beach, another favourite, is lined by mangroves that shade it from the rest of the city. It is also known for being quite clean and a hip spot for celebrity parties. Aksa beach is a favourite among the locals who come to enjoy a lovely and quiet sunset with a green cover behind the shore.

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The Gateway of India situated in Colaba is a historical structure that no one should miss. Built-in 1924 by the British, it was initially built as a monument in the memory of King George V and Queen Mary’s visit to India. Talking about historical sites, Elephanta caves is another heritage site to visit when you are in Mumbai. Being listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it is located on Elephanta Island, which in itself is another tourist attraction, and is known for the exquisite rock sculptures dating back to as early as 2nd century BC. Dedicated to the God Shiva, the main attraction here is the 7-meter-tall creation called Sadashiva.

For the explorer in you, Mumbai presents the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, a 104 square kilometre park that also contains the Kanheri Caves. Here you can see several animals including monkeys, deer, porcupines, etc. while strolling through a dense and beautiful forest that most people don’t get to experience in their daily lives. For the not-so-adventurous souls, the JijamataUdyaan presents a mild option. Formerly called the Victorian Gardens, it contains a zoo and garden covering an expansive area near Byculla.

The places mentioned above are just a small preview of everything that will be awaiting you once you step foot in the beautiful and bustling city that Mumbai is. No point in putting it off, quickly go through Delhi to Mumbai flights and have an unforgettable holiday with your family or friends and bring back memories that will prompt you to encourage others in visiting it in the future.

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