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How to hail or book a cab in Miami:

If you a person or a traveler whose first priority is a taxi or a cab for transportation. So here are some important tips to hail or book a taxi cab to plan a good and peaceful trip.

Firstly, it is most important to make sure that you probably hire or book a licensed taxi service. Miami is a place where unlicensed taxis are illegal to drive. While booking a taxi in Miami it displays all the important details with the mobile number of the taxi driver, it also displays the license number, driver’s license number, and driver’s rate card. Hence these are the important details to know that if the taxi or cab is licensed or not. It is very much important to know that if the taxicab is licensed or not if it unlicensed you mean the traveler/passenger is risking its own life.

As far as the rates go, the taxi driver’s start up the meter and the amount that you are supposed to pay to be displayed on that meter. As the demand for taxis increases the fare prices go higher. Therefore taxi service in Miami is very much safe and affordable for a person. If you are always in worry of safeties then no need to worry Miami taxi service is one of the safest taxi services.

The rate in Miami starts at:

  • $2.50 for the 1-6miles.
  • $0.40 for the other additional 1-6miles.
  • $0.40 is waiting time for per minute.
  • For per hour waiting it is $24.

This how you can hail or book a taxi in Miami by keeping these small steps in mind you can easily book a taxi.

Miami Taxi Services:

  • USA taxi: 305-897-3333
  • Super E-Z taxi: 305-885-5555
  • Airport taxi: 305-556-6666
  • Central cab: 305-532-5555
  • Yellow cab: 305-444-4444
  • KB village taxi (Servicing key Biscayne): 305-361-3111

Airport Taxi Service:

If you decide to hail a cab from the airport, that is the international Miami airport you will need to lower down at a lower curb, that is outside the baggage service area where you will find the airport employees in uniform. They will help you out to reach down to the taxi stand.

Taxis from outside the baggage claim area are available at a flat rate. Hence these rates of different taxis may differ from one another.

  • Airport area Hotels- $13-$17
  • Coconut Groves- $22
  • Coral Gables- $17-$22
  • Downtown Miami- $22
  • Port of Miami- $27
  • Key Biscayne- $44
  • South Bleach- $35-$40
  • Bal Harbour- $46
  • Sunny Isles Beach- $55
  • Doral- $33
  • Kendall- $41-$44
  • Homestead- $66-$89
  • Fort Lauderdale Airport- $72

These were the taxicab rates and here are the metered rates from the international airport:

It is $4.50 for first 1-6 miles (including the airport originating fee) and $0.40 for each additional miles form 1-6 which is equal to $6.90 for the first mile and $2.50 for each additional mile.

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