Things that you should keep in mind if you are travelling alone

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Travelling is an enriching experience that teaches you both big and small lessons of life. While you learn how to face difficulties and challenges on your own, find out instant solutions on the go, you also learn bigger lessons like how great life is or how profound is the world. Travelling alone is a trend these days if you prefer the company of your soul more than any other friend or relative. While it is fun and enlightening, it can also get a bit risky at times. There are some things a solo traveller should always keep in mind before setting out for a trip.

  •    Do not forget medicines-

Always remember to carry your first aid box and necessary medicines for cold, infection, stomach upset, pain, etc. You can visit to get the needed things at the lowest prices. Since you are travelling alone, you have no company to care for you if you fall sick. So, take extra care of yourself and be ready for everything.

  •    Carry extra cash with you-

Even if you have your credit card with you it is always safer to have some extra cash in hand. Remote areas especially may not have access to debit cards and that is when cash comes handy. Since you would have nobody to lend you some, it is better to carry it yourself.

  •    Do not get too drunk-

Yes, it’s natural to have a few drinks on a trip especially if you are dead tired but don’t exceed the limit. A group of friends getting drunk may not be a problem but a single person being drunk can be risky and unsafe. You may get robbed or end up in some kind of trouble. So, drink within a limit and do not mess up with your long-planned solo trip.

  •    Do not ignore potential risks-

No matter you are a man or a woman on a solo trip it is advisable to avoid any sort of potential risk since there is nobody to save you in case you get into trouble. It is good to be adventurous, and you should take up adventures and exciting challenges as it enriches the experience. But at the same time, you should also be safe and alert to avoid risks like choosing the right hotel, staying close to the right people, avoiding dangerous adventures, etc. For instance, if you decide to share a trip with some strangers, it is better to stick to some family, or if you are heading off somewhere alone, it is good to leave a note at the hotel reception so that there is some record of where you could have gone in case of a mishap.

  •    Keep alternative plans ready-

You must always keep many alternative plans prepared to face any kind of situation. Always have multiple options open since you are your sole friend and advisor on that trip. There should be a list of options ready at the back of your mind if anything doesn’t go according to the primary plan.

  •    Research and plan well ahead-

The most important thing you need to keep in mind before you set off on your solo trip is that you need to research thoroughly about the place you are going to. You should know the routes you need to take, the kind of people who live there, some facts about their lifestyle and culture, the essential items you need to carry and also some of the important things that visitors must know before coming. The rest can be left to exploration.

  •    Keep essential items near you always-

Always keep a few crucial things in your bag and never forget to take them while going out. Keep your phone and power bank fully charged, carry a torch, cash, identity cards, maps and other items that you cannot dare to forget. These will help you in your adventure and save you a lot of harassment at times.

  •    Keep offline maps ready-

It is very easy to lose your way when the adventure is your first priority. But thanks to Google Maps, it is also very easy to find your way out when you are in a soup. Do not let yourself be stranded in unsafe places by always keeping offline maps downloaded in your phone. These will help you to reach anywhere safely you want to seek out all by yourself.

  •    Eat and drink safely-

It is also advisable to eat and drink at safe places. Do not just try out anything and everything in the name of adventure and land yourself in the hospital with food poisoning. That would be the most disastrous thing that could happen to your dream solo trip.

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