Why Visiting Colombo Is a Great Choice or Coming Vacation?

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Colombo is the gateway of Sri Lanka that is famous for its colonial heritage. With different culture, tradition, and heritage, Colombo has its own essence that attracts tourists each year from different parts of the world. Book Dubai to Colombo flights or from London to Colombo flights, you should visit the city once to enjoy a special kind of lifestyle here. If you want to make your staying lavish, go for the luxurious hotels which look like mansions. Enjoy the beach while having unique foods from the beach shacks. Apart from that, there are lots of other attractions that will make you fall in love with Colombo. Here are some of them. Have a look-

  • Walk along through the Streets of Pettah

Though walking will be difficult as the streets are always crowded, this can be your shopping destination in Colombo. You can get amazing watches, fabrics, fruits and lots of other things here. If you want to buy Saris, this is the destination you should go to. Other than that, the fruit and vegetable market will welcome you with a variety of chilies.

  • Visit Historical Sites in Colombo

If you want to get a glimpse at the past of the city, there are three historical buildings that will tell you the stories of the Dutch period. Go to the Old Dutch Hospital which has been turned into a grand shopping and eating destination. Then comes the Dutch Period Museum where you will be mesmerized by the collection and finally, the Wolvendaal Church which attracted the Dutch sailors from far and then the history began.

  • Get a Cooking Class at the Houses of the Locals

This will be unique and interesting a lot. The locals are warm and welcoming. If you have an inner chef within you and want to try your hand in Sri Lankan cuisine, they will welcome you whole-heartedly. Not only this gives you a chance to experience a completely new type of cuisine, but also you get to know about the lifestyle of the locals. You can get to know about secret traditional recipes or spices through your conversation!

  • Take a Ride in ‘Tuk-Tuk’

The name is so cute, right? A ‘tuk-tuk’ is kind of a three-wheel chariot that gives you an exciting trip around the real and rustic Colombo. A tour around the city by ‘tuk-tuk’ is really fun once you are in Colombo.

  • Don’t Forget to Taste the Street Food

You are in Colombo and missing the street foods will be a great loss. Let your taste buds celebrate completely new types of taste here. Once you are here, taste Kottu Roti, a type of flatbread with lots of other ingredients. That is really yummy.

So, here are the main attractions of Colombo that will compel visitors to come back again and again. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book hotels, and flight tickets in advance and enjoy your vacation.

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