Thursday, April 17

Buenos Aires Argentina with Photographer Jennifer Chong

Most travel bloggers I meet have a hard time believing that, despite being to 35 countries, I’d never set foot in South America. I explain it as I’d much rather explore the nooks and crannies of one region very well before moving on to the next. But it’s not because I hadn’t wanted to visit South America.

When I came across food and lifestyle photographer Jennifer Chong’s images of Buenos Aires, Argentina my South America travel urges  tickled. Jennifer’s images painted the Argentinian capital as a warm and welcoming metropolis with colorful culture and modern design. As she described it, the food in Argentina was simple but tasty, and always served with a basket of delicious bread.

Here’s colorful Buenos Aires, as captured by photographer Jennifer Chong.

Monday, April 14

10 Days Through Vietnam with Photographer Charley Zheng

I first came across Charley’s work after being repeatedly mistaken for her at an event I had attended in San Francisco. We exchanged emails and bonded over Vietnam - her recent return from the country and my imminent trip to. Through her descriptions of Vietnam, I fell in love with the place. With each exchange, I grew my excited about my travel plans until I finally took up the opportunity to ask Charley to share her images from Vietnam  on here.

I hope you find these as dreamy and cinematic as I did. Vietnam, as photographed by Portland-based photographer Charley Zheng. In her own words:

This is Vietnam in 10 days: 8 flights, 6 bus rides, 3 boat rides, 2 overnight trains, 1 motorbike tour, and 1 aerial tram. At the beginning of January, I took a journey halfway across the world with 12 other travelers, exploring nearly the entire length of the country from the south to the north.

I constantly felt like I was living scenes out of a movie. It was such an extraordinary and cinematic experience. Life spun out like a Haruki Murakami-esque tale, a little bit surreal, a little bit dreamlike. Yet it was also so acutely animated, lively, and colorful that it made coming back to Portland feel like a strnge reverie. I miss the sights, the streets, the food, and the people already. They lent so much to this pretend movie that I was making in my head.

Charley Zheng is a photographer currently based in Portland. For more of Charley's work, visit her website or her Exposure.
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